1. Why are you moving to Marshall Texas?

Consolidation of our distribution centers from Shreveport and Houston will now allow HDW to enhance its services and product selection and delivery to our dealer base west of the Mississippi River. We sought a more centralized location with new space in both Texas and Louisiana and found this to be by far our best option.

2. When will this change take place?

We have set a target date to begin shipping out of the Marshall location October – November 2017.

3. How will this affect delivery service to areas previously served by Houston Distribution Center?

Delivery to these areas will continue as usual.

4. What about my current pricing on items? Will there be price increases?

New pricing levels are being introduced with this move. You may have the opportunity to participate in lower pricing based on your annual purchases.

5. What about my rebate program, will there be changes to this?

Yes – a new enhanced rebate program will be made available to all HDW dealers!

6. Will there be any change in your sales representatives? Am I going to lose my sales person?

There may be some minor adjustments in representation, but most sales representation will remain the same.

7. Will there be any change in the way I place orders? What about the Handy Buy Program?

At this time there will be no changes in your order entry. There will be a new Easy Order device available to all dealers.

8. What website will I use to place orders?

Both websites will be unified combining the best programs from each. This process should be completed during 2018.

9. Which SKU numbers do I use to order items?

Our goal is for the Houston customers to be able to retain their same SKU#s as today.

10. Will my minimum order amount change?

Yes – HDW’s new minimum order is now $750. We will deliver less than $750 with a small order charge of only $25.

11. Will my delivery charges change?

Yes. New stop charges will be $20 and the Fuel charge will be based on your distance from your home warehouse, with a maximum fuel charge of $32. The maximum delivery charge will now be $52.

12. Will items be added back that were dropped in favor of Houston items?

Yes our Merchandising Team is working as quickly as possible analyzing these items and moving forward with purchases. Your input in this is always needed.